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Unparalled rehabilitation research

Ice and snow in a lab. Three-dimensional streetscapes. Floors that pitch and roll.

Advanced technology is at the core of one of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation research centres. Research labs at Toronto Rehab equip researchers with the tools they need to find new and practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Take, for instance, assistive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. Current assistive devices often do not function well in challenging environments or are not always user-friendly.

Read about our many labs, where researchers are developing new assistive technologies, therapies and knowledge to share with the world.

Labs at the Toronto Rehab University Centre (550 University Avenue, Toronto)

Lab at the Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Centre (520 Sutherland Drive, Toronto)

Labs at the University of Toronto Rehabilitation Sciences Building (500 University Avenue, Toronto)