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Brain Discovery and Recovery

The Brain Discovery and Recovery Team leads the world in understanding the problem of chronic functional decline following head injury. They will introduce effective treatments to maximize and sustain improvements in function gained through rehabilitation.

They have shown that in addition to beneficial mechanisms that support recovery, there are deleterious mechanisms in the sub-acute and chronic stages of injury giving rise to cognitive and neural deterioration; Moreover, the team recently demonstrated that volumetric losses (e.g., to the whole-brain, hippocampus and corpus callosum) are substantive and affect the large majority of patients. 

The Brain Discovery and Recovery Team is focused on re-conceptualizing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a chronic and possibly neurodegenerative disease process; this novel conception is needed in order to identify parallels with other forms of neurodegeneration in order to open new avenues of treatment. A converging program of research concerns chronic traumatic encephalopathy - another progressive disorder secondary to traumatic brain injury, but the result of multiple mild events. Encouragingly, the team has found an association between " environmental enrichment" and reduced neurodegeneration in TBI. Using findings from these basic research programs, they are currently engaged in the development of interventions to improve cognitive and neural recovery by offsetting deterioration using environmental enrichment in concert with other clinical interventions. 

Team Leader: Dr. Robin Green